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CPR Face Shields, Oxygen Masks and Guedel / Oro-Pharyngeal Airways

CPR face shields

CPR Face Shields

Our CPR Face Shield acts as a barrier for the first aider in the event of potential contact with a patients body fluids. The barrier is a mechanical device allowing only unidirectional flow. CPR Face Shield Details and Pricing

Guedel Airway Device

Guedel Airways -Oro-Pharyngeal Airways

Our Guedel Airway Devices are designed for free air flow, By protecting from airway occusion from the relaxation of the tounge in an unconscious patient. There are various sizes available from neonate to large adult. ie size 000 to size 5. Guedel Airway Device Details and Pricing

Oxygen Mask

Oxygen Masks

Our Oxygen Masks are ideal for all patients requiring both short term and long tern oxygenation, These oxygen masks are available for both the paediatric and adult sizes. Its aim is to deliver using the venturi effect a FiO2 of 40. Oxygen Mask Details and Pricing