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Medical First Aid Dressings

Snakeye Medical manufacturers a range of first aid dressings, these sterile dressings are manufactured in our Durban plant, to the highest standard. Our raw material suppliers produce material for companies such as Smith ad Nephew and various other related
companies, as well as hold ISO Certification, we feel confident we have a world class supplier. Our material is custom-made, we have chosen this route so that we are able to set our own standards in this industry, there are many manufactures who produce an inferior quality product, we believe that to add some technology into our dressings we are able to produce a better product.

The custom-made material consists of a layer of wadding that is produced from 70%Viscose and 30% cotton; this allows the wadding layer to absorb sufficient liquid and retain it. The second layer is a non-woven layer of Spunbond with micro-pores allowing liquid to pass through. Spunbond is also used in our Theatre gowns caps and overshoes, and due to its non stick properties makes a very good material for our burns dressings and non stick wound dressings. The first aid dressings are sewn onto bandages to make a ready to use sterile first aid dressing.

A second kind of dressing is our non stick wound pads, these dressings are produced with three layers, the bottom layer consists of 100% cotton, the middle layer consists of 80% Viscose and 20% cotton, and the top layer is a layer of high density plastic layer with cone-shaped micro-holes punched. These cones-shaped holes encourage the capillarity effect, in turn this helps to absorb liquid, as does the viscose layer, the third layer stops further liquid from being absorbed.

All our dressings are packaged and sterilized using Gamma ray radiation. Contact us for a quote.